Community Tales

Conor Hinds

Jonah Smith



Community Tales is a concept video promotional service for local com- munity engaging individuals, business and social organisations. We feel that local communities are not represented well enough in both local and national news media so we decided to create a platform for people to discover the individuals, businesses and social organisations that make your community great.

We wanted to do this in a way that everyone could engage with so we decided to create short format promotional documentaries that are fun, light and informative.

The videos aren’t intended to sell the products or services of our clients but to inform people that they exist, tell their story and how they contrib- ute, in their own different ways, to keeping our community great! As Gold- smiths students, the borough of Lewisham has become our home and it was a clear choice to be the community to focus on. We collaborated with three different but equally important types of work within this community. A small business with our collaboration with the Brockley Brewery, a charity organisation through us teaming up with CEN8 and an amazing individual by telling the story or Johannes’ Zumba Gold class at the Lewisham Irish Community Centre.