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the night is behind us

Maitiû Percy

the night is behind us connects the concept of pillow talk alongside sensory codes or ‘triggers’ found in practices of ASMR to explore themes of embodiment and enactivism.

Its interactivity positions the audience as active participants within a deconstruction of their most intimate memories, as they straddle converted gallery plinths and lean on the pillows of ex-lovers.

When engaged, the participant is inveloped in an intimate confes- sion with an old or forgotten partner, delivering recorded echoes of their former romance.

the night is behind us seeks to ressurect the transcendental utopian ideals surrounding love and the loved in order that we may use their nostalgic resonances for self-betterment.


Maitiû is a visual artist and curator who has assisted in the curation of artshows and performances in England, Northern Ireland and Bangladesh alongside gallerists and curators from Munich, Tehran and Dhaka, most recently including: Archaeology of the Final Decade’s: A Utopian Stage at Dhaka Art Summit ‘18.