A Postmodern Building in Milton Keynes


Mowsley Lane (Autumn): A Series

Ryan Wills

A Postmodern Building in Milton Keynes

Chetwoods are the masterplanners and architects for one of the largest environmentally friendly distribution parks in the UK. The 3.5million sqft design forms part of a larger expansion zone to the East of Milton Keynes and is designed to provide a high quality business environment for modern distribution and production companies.

The project provides a flexible design framework to accommodate the various end user requirements and market needs for the next ten – fifteen years. The design incorporates environmental initiatives for each individual plot and has an overall strategy for an environmental zero carbon footprint masterplan. Strategies that are being investigated include CHP plant, on site recycling, renewable energies, low embodied energy materials, and minimising waste, water use, pollution and carbon dioxide.


Mowsley Lane (Autumn)

Mowsley Lane (Autumn) #1