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Scott’s Adventures in Friesland

Selina Boonstra


The 30-minute script Millennials is a pilot for a sitcom series. The series follows the millennials: Dianne, Rachel and Monte on their
struggles while trying to become real adults.

How will Dianne cope with the fact that she needs to work instead of going backpacking to find her meaning in life? How can she find that meaning in a boring internship? Will the dancer life be as magical as Rachel thinks it is? How far will Monte go in his vlogs to attract more viewers and keep up his high standard of life?

Scott’s Adventures in Friesland

Scott’s Adventures in Friesland teaches children in a playful and colourful way about the Frisian culture, traditions and the importance of the water in Friesland, Holland. The book can be read from two sides: a summer side and a winter side. The summer story is about Skipper Scott

competing in the sailing competition Skutsjesilen. The winter story is about Skater Scott competing in the Eleven City Tour on ice.