Away from Tuscany.

Aaron Villa

Lace up my boots, tuck my top in. Grab a few tinnies for the trip. Get the Southwest train to London Bridge. Trains delayed but that’s alright, time for another can. Change trains. Timed the last can perfectly for the last stop. Find a bin to throw away the last can. Don’t litter, you’re a guest, treat the community how you would like your community to be treated. Find a local. Ordered the cheapest ale as I only have 20 quid to spend. Talk to the local geezer sitting at the bar, he’s a home fan. He asks what I think about the appointment of Big Sam. I laugh and he laughs back. I wish him luck. Sink my pint as I only have 15 minutes to kick-off. Gag on my last sip. Walk through the town humming songs to myself. Find the gate in front of the ground. Student ticket please. 5 pounds. No better noise then a turnstile spinning. Buy a match program from the volunteers. Make my way to the bar. Get stopped by a family wanting a picture in front of the club’s mural. I smile.

This is my football.