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A State Of Becoming

Tabitha Carver

A State of Becoming contemplates the interrelation of identity, the body, sexuality and womanhood within digital spaces. Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, each viewer is invited to experience the piece individually. The digitally constructed environment plays with ambient audio and the notion of negative space to attempt to create a multi-sensorial, almost haptic experience in direct opposition to a visually saturated media landscape.

A body of work which began as a way of exploring representations of the self online has grown into a therapeutic and feminist act of exploration, as well as drawing attention to and deconstructing the dichotomy of an ‘online self’ versus a ‘real self’. Each participant becomes a voyeur in an immersive world which reflects these ideas, and is offered the opportunity to reflect upon how they relate to the piece.

The intention is to facilitate a conversation around these variety of themes, but also to allow the viewer to experience an immersive artwork as made possible by photographic apparatus and contemplate the possibilities of evolving technologies.