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Moody May

Yasmine Hatem

Moody May is to represent the average, modernised Egyptian girl. There’s nothing that sounds worse for this little girl than to spend a whole day learning about Egypt’s ancient history. The image of her sad face repre- sents her feelings towards the trip. The contrast in the illustrated image compared to the real life photograph, is to highlight the different, yet the similarity of the illustrated and real world. Her sitting in the middle seat in between her parents, not laying back in a comfortable position, shows her anxious mood to be on the way, while her parents are smiling- almost laughing, as they are confident how her mood will change once she sees the wonders of her ancestors. The long road as the background, is to show the viewer that the family has been on their way for quite some time, in the middle of nowhere and May’s feelings towards the trip have stayed the same the whole time.

This one illustration is to set the tone of the following ones to appear with- in this children’s book. As the story progresses, it depicts her sadness, following into a dream of wonder and excitement. When she wakes up, the final illustration presents her excitement to be where she was so afraid of going in the first place.