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Run For Your Lives

Jagtar Sandhu


Centred on a group of high school friends, this drama follows Lili as she begins to notice that her friend Aisha is beginning to act strange. People tellher not to worry about it, but she can’t help it. Lili begins to think that Aisha,and maybe everyone else, is against her, which only seems to be proven whenthe group begins to fall apart.

Aisha begins to ignore Lili’s calls, she begins to miss school with no explanation. Aisha tells her she’s having problems at home, but something tells Lili that she’s lying. Even Lili’s parents can see that there is something fishy going on. But as time goes on, it may seem that Aisha’s problem is Lili herself. A tale of when friendship meets secrecy and jealousy, will Lili be able to find out what is wrong with Aisha before it’s too