Alexandra Benyi


Blossom is a short film of a twenty-something woman’s self-discovery. It explores the notions of womanhood and the emotional struggles of trying to fit into the perfect image of society.

Laura, the protagonist finds herself in an emotionally challenging place, where she can’t accept her body and doesn’t feel comfortable having sex with her boyfriend, Josh. In the end, she discovers that she is able to accept herself and that the reason that she does not feel intimate with Josh is that she does not love him. She finds closure in a dream where she discovers that she doesn’t need anyone else, but herself. She feels empowered and strong alone.

Blossom is for everyone who is over of hating their body, torturing it with starving themselves or with waxing off all their body hairs. It is to everyone who would like to feel empowered and accept their own and beautiful body.