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Thinking Dyslexia

Emma Collins

Designed with Dyslexia in mind, Thinking Dyslexia perfectly demonstrates how colour, typography and images can be combined to create a simplis- tic yet interesting we page which benefits those with learning difficulties, especially school aged children when coming to terms with their diagno- sis, which can be a frustrating and difficult time.

Dyslexia friendly fonts and colours combine to create a user-friendly environment, what may seem bland to the average eye is something which benefits others who may struggle to read webpages full of text on white backgrounds. The colours are adopted from coloured overlays,
and contrast colours which have been shown to make text stand out on a page. The content is minimal, ensuring not to overwhelm and frustrate but combine with animated images to keep the pages exciting and to allow visual cues. Downloadable content and links to various charities and games help to further educate, it also allows the page to be a gateway to understanding dyslexia on a bigger scale.