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A Bullet on the Line

Eunhyeon Park


A Bullet on the Line is a story of South and North Koreans confronting each other between a line. A bullet was mis-shot in southern area and dropped on the line, so that 4 young soldiers need to be facing to guard the cartridge. This work exacerbated the fact that current generation of North and South has not experienced the war and ideological conflict, but are nevertheless is implicated within its dispute born this way, to think of each other as enemy. But the fact is North Korean people are like South Koreans, we both are victims of war and an older generation’s conflict.

A Bullet on the Line doesn’t directly address politics, rather it focuses on the state of Korea, as a contested nation, divied by a previous generation’s conflict. Despite two years of South Korean military service, I ever really considered haven’t the lives or experiences of North Koreans . In order
to maximize the translatable reality of this piece, A Bullet on the Line is written in both Korean and English, demonstrating the necessity for different perspectives.