Broken Square

Kento Kawasho



TARO is a 30 minute dark drama about friendship. Two teenagers Taro and Ryu, who are in an abusive environment, meet each other. Taro thinks he belongs nowhere as his family neglects him. Being with
Ryu gradually changes how Taro feels, and he tries to help Ryu. In

the end, Taro realizes something new to him through friendship with Ryu. Something he really needs.

Broken Square

Broken Square is a children’s book is about diversity and acceptance. The concept
of this book is to show children that being different from others
is okay and accepting the differences of others is the key to happiness.

The story is about a city surrounded by a tall wall that is protecting them from the outside world. The citizens are all square people living by strict rules. It is about one square’s journey to the outside world.