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À La Mode Bamboo – A Practical Guide to Bamboo Living in Modern Homes

Lavender Lee

The project is a work to share my thoughts on living a cozy and sustainable life which cares about Nature. Bamboo, a sustainable material, is chosen as the subject matter. So, is it simply about Bamboo? No, it’s about Bam- boo Living – a lifestyle that connects people to Nature. Using bamboo products in everyday life is a step towards practising a sustainable living.

The website is for people who are interested in a sustainable living. It
tells visitors the concepts, the reasons and provides a practical guide for bamboo living in modern homes. They will find à la mode ideas to practise bamboo living at home, featuring cooking, fabric use and decorating homes. Visitors will learn how to love and enrich themselves through Bamboo Living. They can start bamboo living by following
the guide. We hope to bring a sustainable home to you unveiling the beauty and utility of bamboo. Therefore, you will learn how to love and enrich ourselves with Bamboo Living after browsing this website.