International Borders: the severe, unyielding lines on the map

The plight of overseas students who seek work in the UK

Yuvan Kumar

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International Borders talks about the difficulties faced by international students who seek work in the UK after Higher Education. To begin with, there is an extensive list of criteria they must meet to be applicable for the Tier 2, which is the skilled worker visa.

This task is made more challenging due to the current government’s stand on the net migration target. Since 2010, the Conservatives have pledged to cap net migration numbers at 100,000, which includes overseas students. However, Professor Thom Brooks, Dean of Durham law school, who is an eminent figure in immigration law and policy, is of the opinion that they mustn’t be. The project features interviews with four individuals – two successful cases, one unsuccessful and one aspiring.

Lastly, there is a chapter on activism and international community support groups in London. The question of a future for international students is posed given the current political climate: Is there hope?