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Polite Madness

Victoria Booth-Sarki

Instagram: @victoriaboothsarki

Polite Madness is an inner monologue of the conflict that exists within the mind of an individual struggling to adhere to the restrictions of social norms- an alternate reality if you will.

It explores the feelings of angst, harboured against what is deemed by society as socially acceptable behaviour within a given social context, whilst also briefly alluding to capitalism as a form of postmodern day enslavement. The animation is a metaphorical take on the sociological and economical shift that has, and is still happening in society today.

Hugo symbolises collectively, the struggles faced by individuals in an increasingly individualised society. This is marked by the apparent split personality, evidently portrayed in the differentiating use of his good and bad/polite and impolite self. It can also be interpreted as a cry for liberation from liberalism.