Ship of Folly


This year’s BA Showcase brings together exciting work and artworks from graduating students across a diverse range of media practices from our Media & Communications, Journalism and Media & English undergraduate programmes.

Ship of Folly refers to the American cultural phenomenon of the Boat of Folly, a capsized boat that is constantly defaced, so much so that artworks could be painted over within 45 minutes of their creation. The Boat of Folly holds many comparisons to the BA Media Degree Show, whereby artworks and creations are exhibited performed and interacted with, defacing the hall - only to be cleared days later - for the next students to arrive.

Ship of Folly is curated with a focus on the context in which the show’s content has been produced. Reflected in the exhibition and guide is a gradual, thematic and reflexive transition as students and artists evaluate their 3-year development, moving toward the next increment in their lives. Ship of Folly is symbolic of advancement alongside a contemporary state of social anxiety, cultural apprehension and societal ambiguity. But as the object of the ship is defaced its form remains the same, ready to be edited once again. 

And we move forward.

Professor Stuart Hall Building
Goldsmiths, University of London
8 Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14 6NW

Closest Stations are New Cross Gate or New Cross Station

Opening Times:
Opening Night: Thursday 14th June 6-9pm
Stays Open: Friday 15th June - Monday 18th June 10am-7pm