Love in 35mm

Federica Gargarella

Giovanna Sandrini

Love in 35mm tells the story of Bill and Joan, as they recall their role in the golden age of cinema and the impact it had on their lives. Underlining the film is the deep affection the couple still have for each other, even after 67 years marriage. Bill and Joan take the viewer on a wonderfully passionate journey through the most romantic era of filmmaking and, most importantly, highlight the significance of the technicians in bringing films to the public.

In addition, Love in 35mm presents the account of Joan’s work as a female projectionist (or projectionette), occupation which was typically exclusive to men. Nevertheless, the magical world of cinema is strongly present all throughout the documentary. Expect a light-hearted, slightly nostalgic, but joyful story that will leave you longing for a marathon of classic Hollywood romances.