UMM... Pronography and Art?

Yiyao Zheng

The inspiration around this documentary is from artist Cosey Fanni Tutti's biography 'Art, Sex, Music' that I read during summer vacation. As a singer / vanguard artist, she had unique experience of being a pornographic model in the 1970s and had experience of performing sexual-related content on stage. When I went to her exhibition of her model era, surprisingly I found ther photos were not pornographic at all and they were proper to put in the art gallery. It made me wonder: how to draw the line between pornography and art? 

The radio documentary's target audience is around 20-45 years old and discuss issues about the content of nudity of body, in which circumstance can be seen related to the pornography and which situation can be seen as art piece for gallery. In order to find out the answer, I have interviewed people in a balanced way, asking male/female, younger generations to middle-aged citizens, from university students to journalist, model, multimedia artist and radio presenter. The answers lead me the questions of ethic of human showing their body from head to toe and the inequality of being topless between women and men.